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Phật Ngọc Như Ư

 Jade Mani Buddha - 玉佛如意

Thơ Ngỏ - Letter to Viewer

(Partial English Translation of The Letter)

Namo Sakya Muni Buddha

Jade Buddha of Wishfulness

Knowing that the world is permanent. Precious Buddha statue as gold, Emerald, Copper, Stone, cement and wooden Buddha Statue are equal. But the difference is in value. Now in a good time and the common desire of Buddhists and fellow wanted A Wishful Jade Buddha statue in BC Canada to adore and worship, because this local gem mine. Therefore, Hoa Nghiem pagoda bought two jade stone (18 +12 = 30 tons) to create the Wishful Jade Buddha Statue. Its worth over $1,000,000Canada Dollar. Cassiar Jade Contracting Inc company donated half, the remaining is $ 530,000, 00 Canada
dollar. The Jade stone is brought to the temple displace here for one year in order for all can come weekly to worship the Jade Stone, then moved to carving.

We hope Our fervent Buddhist and fellow rejoicing offerings to enable for us to complete the Jade Wishful Buddha
Statue soon.

Ven. Thich Nguyen Thao


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